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We want to leave the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. We are dedicated to using the most environmentally sustainable business practices possible.

Our sustainability goal is to improve every year, providing even more natural solutions to the complexities of professional hair care provided that two conditions are met: ingredient sustainability, and performance.  As an example, we would rather use a local Natural Ingredient than an Organic Ingredient that has to be shipped thousands of miles for production.

We employ every one of the three "R's" in our business.

Reduce | Reuse | Recycle


Our investments in people and technology help us reduce our impact by minimizing water consumption, lowering unviable production runs, and consuming fewer resources. Small steps, such as always printing on both sides of a sheet of paper, and shipping in reused packaging boxes constantly reinforce our commitment to responsible manufacturing.

One of the most important ways that we minimize the impact on our environment is by "Precycling™." Precycling™ is pre-consumer recycling. It involves re-purposing goods.

Recycling requires a lot of energy to "melt down" and then re-manufacture goods. It also creates pollution.

Precycling™ is more cost effective than recycling. It lowers our carbon footprint and consumes fewer resources.


We are committed to reusing high quality materials. We reuse good quality shipping boxes and packing materials. After sterilization, we reuse packaging to store archives.

We work with our suppliers to help them reuse shipping totes and pallets.


We focus on minimizing recycling by reducing and reusing.

Since we use safe ingredients in our products, we are able to recycle far more than organizations using harsh or hazardous chemicals.


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