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"Packaging 101"

Guide to Finding the Correct Cap Size "Finish"

Choosing the correct closure (cap) is an important step in the packaging process.

The packaging industry the word "finish" is used to refer to the closure surrounding the neck opening of any container or the inside dimensions of a cap.

If you are trying to find the finish of your bottle or closure follow these steps.

1. The first number you need to find is the diameter. This measurement must be in millimeters (mm).

For a bottle: Measure from the outer edge of the thread on one side to the outer edge of the thread on the opposite side.

Bottle Neck Diameter Diagram

For a cap: Measure from the inside wall to the opposite side of the inner wall.
Cap Diameter Diagram

2. The second number refers to the threads.

400 Continuous Thread
410 Continuous Thread
415 Continuous Thread
400 Thread Continuous 410 Thread Continuous 415 Continuous Thread

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