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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Private Label?
A1. Strategic outsourcing or right-sourcing is rapidly providing competitive advantage to organizations selling in highly competitive industries because it allows them to get new products to market much more quickly.

We go far beyond private label We have the depth of expertise to help our customers develop product lines, product names, label and packaging design and market development consulting. We help you lower the risk and financial commitment for launching innovative brands and products in the market.

Q2. What are your Minimum Order Quantity levels?
A2. SLI Beauty has the LOWEST minimum orders and the HIGHEST degree of customization.

2500 units per product minimum orders on standard retail sizes or 18 gallons/60L of bulk product.

Our nearest competitor with this degree of customization has minimums of 5000 units per item.

Q3. Do your prices include labels?
A3. We help you coordinate with the best digital and offset printers to get the right labels at the best price.See Design for more info.

Q4. Do you offer custom fragrances?
A4. Absolutely! We are pleased to offer both custom and stock fragrances.

Q5. Do you create unique products?
A5. Absolutely! Salon Label has a team of talented chemists who love the challenge of helping you create things that have never been done before.

Q6. Do you carry stock packaging?
A6. While we don't have stock packaging on site, we are experts at helping you source your own packaging if you need guidance.

Q7. What is your production lead-time?
A7. Lead times, exclusive of shipping time, are currently at 4-8 weeks from the time we receive all client supplied inputs and information. Get your order in early as these times can vary! For more information on shipping, please click: Private Label Product Shipping Icon

Q8. Do you create products from samples?
A8. Absolutely! Our chemists love tough challenges. We turn our customers' inspirations into products. Please ask your project manager for a price quote on research and development.

Q9. What are my options for shipping?

A9. We ship production orders by:

Postal Delivery (we arrange pickup) USPS USPS
  Canada Post Canada Post
Couriers (you arrange pickup) FedEx FedEx
  Greyhound Courier Express Greyhound Courier Express
Freight / LTL (you arrange pickup) FedEx Freight FedEx Freight
  Schneider Logistics Schneider Logistics

Learn more about shipping production orders here Private Label Shipping Icon.



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SLI Beauty Premium Natural Private Label Hair Products

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