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Premium Natural Products

We love working with creative independent brands. Our goal is to support your creativity by helping you lower the risks of bringing new private label products to market.

We help by ensuring that you offer your customers the highest quality products possible. This includes offering paraben-free and sulphate-free formulations. Combining natural and organic extracts, natural high-performance ingredients, and safe synthetics ensures that you deliver exciting shelf-stable products.

Our team of chemists can develop any beauty or fluid household product that you can think of.

We have a complete line of natural, high-perfomance hair care products that you can put your name on and market immediately.


What makes us so unique is that you can FULLY customize your products with our selection of Essential Infusions (2 choices at no extra charge)!

Essential Infusions include a wide range of Natural & Organic Tinctures and Specialty & Essential Oils.



Private Label Hair Care

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