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18 Piece Bestsellers Kit Private Label Bullet $100.00


Evaluate full-size retail-ready product samples. The kit includes our best award-winning shampoos, conditioners, treatments, styling, and finishing products.

What's in the kit?

Learn more about hair care sample kits here:Organic Private Label Hair Products | Samples

Our clients love the fact that we focus on developing the most natural Private Label Hair Products commercially possible while ensuring they are high quality professional salon products.

We serve many of the most creative and talented stylists and marketers. In fact, we've helped our clients develop brands that have won "Best Product in Category" awards in the world's most prestigious beauty journals, including Vogue, Allure, In Style, People and many more.

The best way to know if you'll love our products is to order a Sample Kit that best suits YOUR needs.

Every sample is a full-size, retail-ready product. This allows your team to test each product quite thoroughly.

An account manager will perform a discovery on your business to determine which sample pack will best suit the needs of your business - or simply order now from our website!

Our objective is to help you turn your dreams and ideas into award-wining best-selling products. Samples are simply the starting point. Any product that you choose will truly be exclusive and original.

Organic Private Label Hair Products - Bullet
Organic Private Label Hair Products - Bullet
Organic Private Label Hair Products - Bullet


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Premium Natural Private Label Hair Products
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