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We love offering outstanding choices when it comes to your �private label hair care� product line. Use our extensive libraries of natural formulations, organic essential oils, fragrance oils, and 'pre-cycled' packaging to create exclusive products that express your entire vision.

Sample Kit Options

18 Piece Top Sellers Kit Private Label Bullet $125.00


Evaluate full-size retail-ready product samples. The kit includes our best award-winning shampoos, conditioners, treatments, styling, and finishing products. Visit to order your 18 Piece Top Sellers Kit!

What's in the kit?

 Individual Samples Private Label Bullet $10.00


We cater to all budgets, therefore if you only wish to sample a few of our products, you can still enjoy full retail sized samples at $10 each. Choose any product you like. Visit to order your individual samples now!


Challenge Our Chemists

We can bring just about ANY ideas for private label products to life. Please ask. Our chemists love challenges. Our high success rate in recreating the most popular brands will keep you customers coming back for more. Speak to your account manager about how you can work hand in hand with our lab to create your OWN exclusive product(s).


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