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Cosmetic Labeling pt. 1

10 Guidelines For Meeting Cosmetic Label Standards in the USA, Canada, and the EU

Cosmetic labels can be confusing. This guide will help you understand label requirements and choose the symbols and statements that are appropriate for your labels.

1. Product Identity: statement of what your product is.

2. Net Contents: the amount of product in the package. The Estimated Symbol 'estimated' symbol following the volume declaration is a guarantee that the product has been filled in accordance with the average system of measures used in the European Union (EU).

3. Product Ingredients: lists all ingredients used in the
formula in descending order of concentration. This is especially important for those people who are seeking a specific ingredient or want to avoid one.

In addition, we can make available the various components of a fragrance oil blend or organic essential oil blend ingredient. This is important information for the small percentage of the population who may be sensitive to certain components of fragrances oil and/or organic essential oil blends.

4. Directions For Use: informs consumers of how, when and where to use the product.

5. Name/Location Of Manufacturer Or Distributor: informs consumers who made the product and where the manufacturer or distributor is located.

The address must state the street address, city, state, and zip code. If a firm is listed in a current city or telephone directory, the street address may be omitted.

For private label hair care and private label skin care products, the label must state the qualifying phrase "Manufactured for ..." or "Distributed by ..." or similar, appropriate wording.


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