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Precycling® is pre-consumer recycling. It involves re-purposing first quality, unused surplus products. It is much more cost effective than recycling which, at best, only returns the price of raw material minus processing costs.

When someone Precycles®, they intercepting an item before it goes to recycling and/or landfill returning it to its original purpose. This is different from recycling, which is focused on products after they become waste. Precycled® packaging minimizes the drain of our natural resources.

Precycling® is an "earth-friendly" concept developed to enable and empower manufacturers to cut down on corporate waste. Precycling® helps both companies with excess components and those who need them. Waste and costs are reduced while minimizing carbon and other emissions. Our customers come out ahead by obtaining high quality packaging at reduced prices.

Learn about our commitment to sustainable private label hair care products here .

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