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 | Organic Private Label Hair Products QuoteSLI Beauty uses only the finest quality, cosmetic grade ingredients. Our formulations are SLS-free (sulphate) and paraben-free. We never test on animals!"

--James Humphreys, Senior Chemist

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Welcome to SLI Beauty!

There are many reasons why you have found yourself here:


·     You want to create your own unique line of premium products with your choice of:
Fragrance! Ingredients! Packaging


·     You want to escape the effects of diversion.


·     You want to improve your bottom line, making greater profits selling higher quality products.


You can fully customize our base products with your choice of: botanical extracts, specialty oils, essential oils, fragrance and/or colour.

You may already have products that you use and enjoy working with. Our talented team of formulation chemists can reverse engineer your inspiration products and create virtually perfect products for your clients.

We love working with people that would never be happy selling "the same product in the same bottles as any other pedestrian salons." If you have bold ideas and want to make a statement, you have found the right team to make your vision of "perfect products" come true.

Get fully customized professional private label hair products at the lowest Minimum Order Quantity in the business. We've slashed the industry's normal 5,000 unit Minimum Order Quantity by 50% to only 2500 units, or 18 gallons/60L of bulk, per product!

All you need to do to get started, is call us toll-free at

We look forward to working with you.

James Humphreys
Senior Chemist & Founder

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